About Dan and Bible Essays

I am a Christian, a believer who was baptized for the remission of my sins as taught in numerous places throughout the New Testament (Acts 2:38; 1 Peter 3:21).

This blog is not the work of any church or organization. It is my attempt to write about things I study and learn from God’s word. I pray that you will find it useful in your study of the scriptures.

My goal is to post 1-3 articles per week, but I do not have any set routine for posting at this time.

Why am I blogging? I need to study my Bible more than I do. But, when I study I would like to have some idea what I got out of it. This is an attempt to help myself quantify and express what I am learning.

I do not write the essays in this blog with the idea that I am somehow smarter than everyone else or that I will settle debates that have gone on for ages. These are primarily for my personal benefit and to encourage me to further study.

If I open a post up for comments the comments will be moderated and subject to removal solely at my discretion.

With all of that said, feel free to read along.

From time to time I may post articles from other authors with their permission. Please seek their permission before posting anywhere else.

Thanks for reading and studying God’s wonderful word with me.

Dan Fontenot
Blog Author and Editor


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