My First Blog

I am new to blogging. Let me clarify that. I have read quite a few blogs over the years, but have not been much for posting.

So, why start now? I need to study my Bible more than I do. But, when I study I would like to have some idea what I got out of it. This is an attempt to help myself quantify and express what I am learning.

I do not write the essays in this blog with the idea that I am somehow smarter than everyone else or that I will settle debates that have gone on for ages. These are primarily for my personal benefit and to encourage me to further study.

If I open a post up for comments the comments will be moderated and subject to removal solely at my discretion.

With all of that said, feel free to read along. At this point I have no set schedule that I intend to follow for posting.

I expect that from time to time I will post articles from other authors with their permission. Please seek their permission before posting anywhere else.

Thanks for reading and studying God’s wonderful word with me.

Dan Fontenot